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Cutting Edge Fixed Rate Financing for Mixed Use Retail and Office

Mixed-Use Retail and Office Financial Compound arranged an approximate $14 million 80% of purchase price, acquisition loan for the purchase of a  leasehold interest in a high-end mixed-use retail/office center in a prime location in southern California.  Two floors of restaurants and retail space sit below a floor of office ...
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Acquisition Financing for Retail Anchor

Acquisition Financing – Shopping Center Loan Financial Compound arranged a $4,800,000 permanent financing for the acquisition of a sporting goods anchored retail center in Ohio.  This anchor tenant was non-credit rated, and its lease rolled during the term of the loan.  Financial Compound was able to arrange for no leasing ...
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Cash Out Construction to Permanent Loan Financing

Construction to Permanent Loan Financial Compound arranged a $16,000,000 cash-out permanent loan for a 101,300 sq. ft. high image, street frontage retail center located in Las Vegas, NV. We structured a take-out loan for the borrower’s 100% of cost construction loan (which Compound had also arranged) with approximately $3,500,000 of ...
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Commercial Mortgage Lenders

Our Commercial Mortgage Brokers are Experts With Commercial Mortgage Lenders The commercial mortgage lending market remains dynamic in 2010 despite the credit crunch and decline in commercial real estate values. Commercial mortgage lenders have become more conservative across many sectors of the commercial real estate capital markets. Currently it is ...
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