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Commercial Mortgage Lenders:  Show us your deal and we’ll find you the lender

Commercial Mortgage Broker Financial Compound has been referred to by industry participants as the marvel comics superhero for commercial mortgage lenders.  We can parachute in and take control of the borrower’s financial operations and analysis, forming a financing request from the ground up.  We place and close the transaction, and pack our trash when we leave.

At the core of this commercial mortgage brokers’ business philosophy is that each staff member understand how to handle a transaction from the beginning to the end.  Our analysts live with the transaction from cradle to grave (oftentimes that involves a construction loan, permanent takeout loan, and then years later a refinance).  Many of Financial Compound’s competitors have staff members specializing in a portion of the transaction and interactions with the commercial mortgage lenders, for example a separate underwriter and another person who closes the deal; however, this commercial mortgage broker’s procedure is for the analyst involved on day 1 to remain the same person closing the transaction on the last day, as well as providing loan servicing during the term of the loan.  This has provided stability to our clients and loan processing, and also helped our ability to handle proposed underwriting and loan term changes during loan processing because our staff in the trenches processing the deals have a comprehensive understanding our of entire process and goals.  It is rare when a lender ends up changing the loan terms set forth in the loan application for any of our transactions.  Our analysts understand that our loan request packages must be 100% spot on.  Commercial mortgage lenders appreciate this treatment and Financial Compound’s loan request packages have become known throughout the industry as the gold standard.

Borrowers sometimes ask us why we need certain information as we prepare their financing requests.  We are always happy to explain current commercial mortgage lenders underwriting and point out areas of the financing request that need analytical support and data.  Approximately 25% of the transactions that we do are situations where borrowers or brokers approach us indicating that they have talked to all the lenders and nobody wants to make the loan.  If we see a diamond in the rough, these are some of our favorite transactions and give us a great sense of accomplishment.  Sometimes it is just a matter of making some small tweaks and looking at things a little differently than people had before us.  As one example, a borrower was having trouble refinancing because the tenant was a start up with no “credit”.  However when we analyzed the nature of this startup and the financial resources of the principals we were able to determine that the tenant’s credit was very strong.  These things were not obvious on the surface, but when this commercial mortgage broker started looking under the hood, it became obvious to us that we were going to find a home for the transaction with one of our commercial mortgage lenders.

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