Commercial Mortgage Lenders: Current Transactions

Commercial Mortgage Lenders: Current Transactions Available for Capital Providers

Financial Compound is pleased to announce a new page on our website which presents our current financing requests on behalf of our borrower clients.  The format contains pertinent underwriting and transaction information within a couple of sentences that should allow a commercial mortgage lender or joint venture equitiy provider to guage preliminary interest in a transaction and determine if they want to review a detailed financing request package.  Financial Compound plans to update the page frequently so that is remains current with active lending and equity joint venture opportunities to transact with its client base. 

Financial Compound enjoys longstanding business relationships with many of its borrower clients, and their financing requests are realistic and underwriteable, representing creditworthy and experienced commercial real estate participants.  

Commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound processes the transactions and relieves the client from most of the processing and paperwork, as well as maintains an organized transaction file and logistics to make the loan processing smoother for the commercial mortgage lenders, borrower, and third party vendors.