Commercial Mortgage Lenders: Cutting edge pricing

Commercial Mortgage Lenders:  Cutting edge pricing and loan terms

Commercial mortgage lenders have come back relatively strong in 2010 from the prior 2 years.  Today ten year fixed rate loans are available with rates as low as 4.5% to 4.75%, along with 30 year amortizations.  For 5 year the rates are as low as 3.9%.  Loan to values up to 80% LTV available.  For apartments, the rates are even lower.  These are historically low commercial loan rates.  Not all transactions will qualify for these loan terms.  This is geared towards Class A properties in primary markets.

Financing has come back strong in 2010 for lower tiered properties and borrowers, as well.  Handfuls of bridge lenders have emerged, as well as private lenders with rates as low as 7.5%, interest only, for 5 years. 

Commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound is able to help both commercial mortgage lenders and borrowers identify and process transactions that fit in today’s capital markets.  The real estate capital markets have changed since the credit crunch, but in many ways they have stayed the same.