Commercial Mortgage Lenders: distressed single family credit facility

Commercial Mortgage Lenders provide distressed single family credit acquisition facility

Financial Compound arranges a $20 million distressed single family credit acquisition facility.  Loan terms include 90% of cost (LTC), 6% interest rate, 3 year term, interest only, recourse, 1% lender fee.  While many similar transactions are closed with hard money lenders and lower leverage, for strong sponsors with a good track record, Financial Compound is able to arrange higher LTCs and institutional pricing with a handful of commercial mortgage lenders.

Commercial Mortgage Broker Financial Compound is available to assist sponsors that purchase single family properties at the foreclosure sales.  We work with lenders that will fund the transaction at the time of sale (at the courthouse steps), as well as within days and a couple of weeks thereafter.  The homes can be pre-approved for loan dollars prior to the time of the foreclosure sale.