Commercial Mortgage Lenders: Life Insurance Companies

Commercial Mortgage Lenders:  Aggressive Life Insurance Company lending

Commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound has arranged a $13 million refinance for this Class A medical office building in southern Califonia near a major hospital.    Loan terms include a 5.80% interest rate; 10 year loan with a 30 year amortization; 60 day free rate lock; No lender fee; Closing costs approximately $7,500; No reserves (no tax, insurance, replacement, leasing reserves or any reserves); 30/360 amortization calculation; Approval of change in general partnership structure anticipated in 3 to 5 years; and special loan document provisions drafted by Financial Compound for treatment of non-monetary defaults.

Commerical mortgage lenders compete aggresively today for low leverage, stable cash-flow transactions with quality sponsorship and property characteristics.  Life insurance companies in 2010 are a dominant force in the real estate capital markets, primarily resulting from the significant declince in securitized lending, and the general tightening of bank credit policies.

Commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound is able to place all types of transactions, from high quality transactions suitable for life insurnace companies, to more challenging properties and sponsorpship with inferior credit or management experience.  Financial Compound is not a magic bullet, but oftentimes we are able to place transactions that many other lenders and brokers passed on.  There is a song from the Nickelodeon show called Wonderpets and the lyrics go like this:  “Lets take a closer look.  Check it out and then we’ll see what its all about.”  

Commercial mortgage brokers with honed skills are able to identify a strong transaction in the rough that may have been passed over by the capital markets.  Cast in its proper light, many of these deals are able to shine.  Financial Compound is able to assist borrowers to quickly determine the amount and pricing of financing that may be available in the marketplace today for their transactions.  

Commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound financed this property 8 and 1/2 years ago as well, and was subsequently retained for all of the client’s real estate financings since that time. Financial Compound enjoys many long standing client relationships like this and has experienced organic growth through word of mouth referrals including in many instances performing repeat transactions for limited partners within the clients’ ownership entites.