Dollar Store acquisition financing in Southeast

$1.5 million for cross-collateralized Dollar stores acquisition in Southeast.  The four dollar stores were located in predominantly secondary/tertiary locations, with staggered near-term lease rollover and no reported sales.  Furthermore, the borrower is neither a citizen or resident of the United States.  Despite these difficult underwriting characteristics Financial Compound obtained terms with a 4.67% interest rate, non-recourse, for 8 years with 25 year amortization, 0.5% lender fee.

In order to obtain this loan, Commercial Mortgage Broker Financial Compound did significant market rental comparable analysis to demonstrate that each location was paying at or below market rents on an effective basis after accounting for tenant improvements and capital upgrades.  As these Dollar Stores are bigger than typical mom and pop retail stores it was not easy for Commercial Mortgage Broker to find the comparables.