Financial Compound – $16.1 million southern CA rent control apartments loan

$16.1 million southern CA rent control apartments loan

These are acquire & reposition bridge loans for rent control apartments. Typically bought with $700 rents and increasing to $1,800 – $2.200 upon renovation after tenants vacate. Financial Compound was charged with finding a lender to make a 70% LTC loan. Most lenders in this space require a minimum 1.0 debt coverage ratio on the existing NOI. That typically translates to a 45% LTC loan on these types of transactions. Financial Compound combed the market for this repeat client and curated a few institutional lenders happy to roll with us at 70% LTC, 4.25%, 5 year term, interest only, 1/2% lender fee, no prepayment penalty. 5 business day close (our quickest ever!).