MBA’s CREF Convention & Expo 2010

Financial Compound is pleased to be a sponsor of MBA’s CREF Convention & Expo 2010February 1-4 2010 inLas Vegas, Nevada

The MBA CREF convention servers as an important clearing house of information for people in the commercial real estate finance business.  The CREF convention is widely attended by industry leaders and experts in all aspects of the capital markets.  A Financial Compound representative will be attending each of the panel sessions, including

Portfolio Lenders: Open for Business or No Vacancy?  A Look at Portfolio Lending After the Fall

  • February 3, 2010
  • 2:00pm – 3:15pm
  • Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
  • Manday Bay Ballroom, Salon L
  • Level 2
  • South Convention Center

In 2010, are portfolio lenders targetting refinances, new business, or both?  With the retrenchment in lending from the capital markets and portfolio lenders, what role will life company and pension fund lenders play in the availability of capital?  A panel of leading porfolio investor professionals discusses this issue as well as techniques for funding large loans, the potential re-emergence of participating loans and evololving structures for securitized loans.

Kierran P. Quinn, CMB
Vice Chairman
Walker and Dunlop, LLC

Mark B. Fisher, CMB
Vice President & Managing Director
StanCorp Mortgage Investors, LLC

Anthony Frook
Senior Managing Director- Real Estate
Americo Life, Inc.

Dale Helling
Vice President of Commercial Mortgage
Aviva Investors North America, Inc.

T. Anthony Premer
Senior Managing Director
Pacific Life Insurance Company

Mark H. Wilsmann
Managing Director
Metlife, Inc.

David Zachar
Executive Vice President
PPM Finance, Inc.

Financial Compound has enjoyed a long affiliation with the Mortgage Bankers Association and considers the MBA to be an important organziation within the commercial real estate finance and capital markets arena. At the heart of the MBA are it member mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers. The mortgage broker serves a valuable roll in the capital markets, now more than ever given the pullback of capital from the commercial real estate lending marketplace. Despite the significant reduction of lending capital from the commercial real estate markets, Financial Compound has tracked the market and an active lending market does exist today, albeit much smaller than prior to the recession in 2007.

A leading national commercial real estate finance broker based in Santa Monica, California, Financial Compound has been an innovator in structuring and identifying capital markets opportunities. Financial Compound and its staff have closed over $2.4 billion in transactions, running the gamut from low leverage first mortgages on trophy assets, to structured debt and equity placements for properties in need of renovation, to un-entitled land financing in 2009. In second half 2009 Financial Compound scoured the capital markets and found a few nuggets- lenders who are steadily closing loans at interest rates lower than most institutionally priced transactions. Their underwriting parameters are flexible, including low/no debt coverage ratios and limited or not third party reports. We are currently processing with one of these lenders, the refinance of a low occupancy shopping center in the Midwest, and a $9 million luxury residential loan.

Financial Compound has been designated a preferred broker, by this lender as well as others, due to our thorough underwriting, processing, and technical skills. Please contact us to discuss your financing needs or stop by our office for a consultation. We look forward to seeing you at the MBA CREF 2010 convention.

Financial Compound maintains the highest standards of integrity and ethics in its business practices. Our processes and practices are an outgrowth of our analytical approach and keen market observation.

Financial Compound has the skills and track record to assist borrowers and lenders with loan workouts, having performed numerous successful modifications and refinances in a distressed context.