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Financial Compound is a commercial mortgage broker

Our proven methodology has resulted in a nearly 100% client retention ratio.
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Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial bridge loans are useful for properties in transition, such as a newly constructed hotel as it reaches stabilized occupancy.  Or a shopping center during the re-tenanting and repositioning period.


Commercial Real Estate Finance

Commercial real estate finance and investments represent a significant portion of the capital markets.

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Commercial Mortgage Loans

With a wide range of financing structures and products, Financial Compound has the ability and track record of closing many transactions that others said could not be done.

Commercial Mortgage Lenders Rally Back

Commercial Real Estate Loans

We have a deep understanding of the capital markets so we can help meet the needs of both the borrower and the lender.

Commercial Loan Modification

Financial Compound has resolved complex financial problems with our proven methodology.  When we work out your loan, we make a beneficial impact on the economy and capital markets of greater magnitude than the transaction itself.

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Commercial Mortgage Refinance

A commercial mortgage refinance can be a good tool for commercial real estate loan borrowers to get cash, tax-free, from their commercial real estate properties.

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Financial Compound Story

About Commercial Mortgage Broker

Financial Compound, and its staff have closed over $5.1 billion in transactions, running the gamut from low leverage first mortgages on trophy assets, to structured debt and equity placements for properties needing renovation, to construction and unentitled land financing. For example, we assembled a 100%-of-all-in-cost investment property loan package (including land, hard and soft improvement costs, interest reserve, and closing costs) for a shopping center developer with minimal pre-leasing. The transaction was crafted so that the developer kept all the upsides after a 7.5% IRR to the financial partner.

Commercial Brokerage Philosophy

As your commercial mortgage broker, we will obtain preliminary financing terms for a transaction and then evaluate the options in light of the client’s objectives, and makes a recommendation. Financial Compound provides an ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison of each financing proposal by quantifying financing terms such as amortization methods, promote and waterfall structures, escrows, holdbacks, lender fees, defeasance and other prepayment penalties, etc. As your commercial mortgage broker, Financial Compound’s work ethic, attention to detail, and passion for the business- characterized by customer service, minimizes the client’s involvement with processing and paperwork and has helped us enjoy a strong client retention ratio.

Our Commercial Mortgage Broker Practices

Financial Compound is skiled with many property types and financial structures for commercial mortgages, including acquisition, predevelopment, construction, mini-perm, refinance, bridge, rehabilitation, value-added, credit lines, forwards, mezzanine loans, joint venture equity, preferred equity, highly leveraged participating debt, unsecured debts, pledge of partnership interests, personal loans, tax-exempt bonds, tax credits, credit enhancements, letters of credit, improvement district bonds, and balance sheet financings including inventory and accounts receivable loans.

Financial Compound and its staff have financed a variety of product types, including (in alphabetical order) apartments, bingo parlors, car washes, diners, entertainment center, farms, gyms, hotels, industrial buildings, jewelry building, karate studios, land developments, mixed use, nightclubs, office buildings, peaches, quiznos, retail centers, supermarkets, theaters, USTs, vacant lots, warehouses, x-ray machines, yards, and a Zany Brainy.

No upfront fees

Financial Compound also has the skills and proven track record to assist borrowers and lenders with commercial real estate loan workouts, having performed numerous successful modifications in a distressed context and helped the parties determine the best course of action. As with the loans that we close, Financial Compound does not charge any upfront fees and we receive compensation only upon the closing of a restructure. Our long history and relationships with the capital providers, couple with our in depth market knowledge, have helped us complete restructurings efficiently.

Financial Compound, a commercial mortgage broker, maintains the highest standards of integrity and ethics in its business practices. Our processes and practices are an outgrowth of our analytical approach and keen market observation. Financial Compound’s commitment begins by carefully analyzing the client’s needs and the characteristics of each transaction. We underwrite and package a commercial real estate financing request, and confer with the client regarding its content and marketing approach. We often structure a creative solution derived from our extensive knowledge of the capital markets. Depending on the client’s desires, Financial Compound a well-known Commercial mortgage broker can “make a market” by contacting numerous capital providers and managing a competitive bid process, or we can undertake a more focused marketing strategy, for example, working with one capital provider that fits well for a specific transaction. Many capital providers have designated us as a preferred broker due to our thorough financial underwriting, presentation, and processing. This has helped us to maintain a near 100% client retention ratio since 1996.

Cutting edge commercial loan terms

Capital providers offer cutting-edge commercial loan terms to Financial Compound and often their senior level commercial real estate lenders work with us because of our technical expertise and large business flow. We can work quickly and place a transaction within hours if necessary. We have closed an institutionally priced loan in eight business days and “hard money” loans in two days.

Financial Compound’s networking advisory board of leading finance experts, accountants, tax specialists, investment bankers, appraisers, title officers, engineers, and lawyers facilitates the efficient processing of transactions. We remain a leading mortgage broker.

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Financial Compound Relationships

Financial Compound has longstanding relationships with many types of capital providers including institutional equity, private equity, life company, bank, CMBS, hard money, hedge funds, venture capital, and “friends and family” as well as lenders specializing in non-conventional projects.

We are an experts in
Commercial Mortgage Brokerage

Our daily financial practice keeps our skills honed so we are ready when you tap us.

  • Commitment to Clients
  • Customer service
  • Commercial Mortgage Brokerage Expertise
  • Work ethic, attention to detail

I’m proud of our team, that has worked together more than 27 years.  Financial Compound delivers in all interest rate enviroments and capital markets conditions.   

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Clients’ Testimonials

  • “Commercial Mortgage Broker has done a great job on some of our refinances and acquisitions. Financial Compound is service oriented professionals. They obtained the best loan terms and did all the paperwork for us, making the borrowing process easier than we’ve ever had it.”

  • “I’m a real estate developer in the City of Los Angeles. I have used Financial Compound on many occasions to procure loans. One of the reasons I like this commercial mortgage broker is that they are not in awe of their lenders. They’ll take the lender on. A lot of other loan brokers and mortgage bankers tread in fear of aggravating them. This is not Financial Compound’s modus operandi.”

  • “Financial Compound’s loan structuring changed the way we think about our business. We don’t need partners and we achieved our desired portfolio quicker.”

  • “Commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound got me out of a financial pickle and obtained a cash-out loan for me where nobody else could.”

    Property owner
  • Financial Compound closed my loan in 8 business days. I have never had an institutionally priced loan close so quickly. We have continued to use this commercial mortgage broker and have closed more than 10 loans with them recently.

    Senior Vice President