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Committment to Clients

Financial Compound maintains the highest standards of integrity and ethics in its business practices. Our processes and practices are an outgrowth of our analytical approach and keen market observation. Financial Compound’s commitment begins by carefully analyzing the client’s needs and the characteristics of each transaction. We underwrite and package a commercial real estate financing request and confer with the client regarding its content and marketing approach. We often structure a creative solution from our extensive capital market knowledge.

Depending on the client’s desires, Financial Compound can “make a market” by contacting numerous capital providers and managing a competitive bid process. Alternatively, we can undertake a more focused marketing strategy, for example, working with one capital provider that fits well for a specific transaction.

Once we obtain preliminary financing terms for a transaction, Financial Compound then evaluates the options in light of the client’s objectives and makes a recommendation. We often provide an ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison of financing proposals by quantifying the present value of terms such as amortization methods, promote and waterfall structures, escrows, holdbacks, lender fees, defeasance and other prepayment penalites, etc. Additionally, Financial Compound’s work ethic, attention to detail, and passion for the business- characterized by customer service, minimizes the client’s involvement with processing and paperwork.

Capital providers offer cutting edge commercial loan terms to Financial Compound and often their senior level commercial real estate lenders work with us because of our technical expertise and large business flow. We can work quickly and place a transaction within hours if necessary. We have closed an institutionally priced loan in eight business days and “hard money” loans in two days.

Many capital providers have designated us as a preferred broker due to our thorough financial underwriting, presentation, and processing. This has helped us to maintain a near 100% client retention ratio since 1996.

Financial Compound’s networking advisory board of leading finance experts, accountants, tax specialists, investment bankers, appraisers, title officers, engineers, and lawyers facilitates efficient processing of transactions.