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Commercial Mortgage Broker Excited about 3/14 Pi Day

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Commercial Mortgage Broker wishes you Happy Pi day

Our logo, aleph to the root of pi. Basically infinity to the cubed root. Equals about, infinity I think.
George Kantor got a nobel prize for making set theory of infinite sets. He is also credited with the discover of set theory. The symbol he chose for the cardinality, or how many items in the set, of an infinite set was Aleph. He proved that some infinite sets were bigger than others. You would think they would be the same.

Infinite Sets

For example you would think that the cardinality of the set of even numbers would be the same as the set of odd numbers. Even though both are infinite.  But Cantor showed, for example that the set of irrational numbers was way bigger. Like infinitely bigger than the set of rational ones. Even though we only know 5 irrational numbers.  Like between any two numbers, there are an infinite amount of numbers between. So between 1 and 2, we can think of 1.0, 1.001, or smaller 1.0000001, etc.
Its the paradox of leaving a room. You can never leave if youre a mathmatician! You can get halfway closer to the door. Then another halfway, then another. No matter how close you get to the door, there is always half the distance between you and the door. Youre stuck in the room!
Sometimes we ask ourselves.  What is a commercial mortgage?  What’s pi got to do with it?  Could it be the key to the best commercial mortgage rates?  I think so.
Pi Day
Whats Pi got to do With It


Albert Einstein born 3/14/1879. Stephen Hawking dies 3/14/2022. I remember when Steven Hawking died. The news broke the morning of 3/14/2022 that he had passed the night before, on 3/13. I was curious if it was after midnight. And it was. It was around 2am on 3/14/2022. I think he held out on purpose.

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