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Pi day celebrated 3/15

Financial Compound celebrates Pi day on March 15, 2010, the closest business day to Pi day, 3/14.  We serve pie, the traditional food for pi day.

Pi is an irrational number 3.14159… with digits continuing forever and never repeating a pattern.  One cannot point to pi on the number line.  We can point to a rationale number very close to pi, such as 3.14156 but we can never pinpoint pi or any other irrational number.

George Cantor, a mathematician in the 1800s theorized there must be an infinitely greater number of irrational numbers compared to rationale ones, as there is always an infinite amount of space for numbers between any two points on the number line.  Yet mathematicians have only discovered a few irrational numbers to-date.

Financial Compound, a commercial mortgage broker in Santa Monica, CA studies the mathematical aspects of the real estate capital markets.  Our clients have benefited from this knowledge in the form of lower financing costs and cutting edge transaction structures.

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