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Construction Loan Takeout Cracks 1 out of the Park

Construction Loan Takeout $17,000,000 Construction Loan takeout for shadow anchored shopping center. This 60,000 square foot center sits across the street from a community college, offering pedestrian traffic to the center.  This loan refinanced a 100% of cost construction loan also obtained by Financial Compound.  The property was still in final construction at the time […]

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4 Reasons not to Worry about your Commercial Mortgage

Commercial Mortgage Lenders still lending, don’t believe the hype Commercial mortgage news these days is depressing if you read the headlines.  Statements like “Banks have stopped making commercial mortgage loans”  or “Biggest US Banks scale back on Property Lending”.  As we know, the media likes to sensationalize.  Im sure there is some truth to this […]

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Commercial Mortgage Broker Exceeds to New Heights

Commercial Mortgage Broker thinks out of the box Commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound structures an $8 million construction loan for a concrete tilt-up industrial building. The transaction was referred to Financial Compound by a closely held relationship bank, who is unable to fund construction loans at this time.  The borrower has completed all entitlements and […]

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Commercial Mortgage Bliss

  Commercial Mortgage for preschool $1 Million Commercial Mortgage for preschool refinance. Financial Compound secured a bank loan for this special use property. The borrower also appreciated that Financial Compound found a bank that does not required CPA reviewed financials since this religious affiliated preschool does not file tax returns. The loan was written as […]

Commercial Bridge Loan

Extraordinary Leverage for Commercial Bridge Loan

Commercial Bridge Loan for Apartments Commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound arranged a non-recourse commercial bridge loan of $12,750,000, representing 98% of purchase price for the acquisition of four apartment buildings.  This commercial bridge loan comprises four apartment properties located in transitional submarkets in Southern California included the rehab cost and interest reserve budget.  The financing […]

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Commercial Bridge Loans Help Save Apartment Complex

Commercial Bridge Loans Commercial Bridge Loans obtained by Financial Compound, $3.1 million for a 45 unit apartment complex transitioning to stabilization.  We structured this commercial bridge loan to give the client flexibility to draw additional earnout dollars during the loan term, once rents are raised and the borrower has achieved stabilized cashflow, based on a […]

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Adaptable Commercial Mortgage Broker

Financial Compound an Adaptable Commercial Mortgage Broker Financial Compound, a versatile commercial mortgage broker, has been closing some jumbo home loans recently. We are working with a few lending institution offering large home loans with interest rates between 4% and 5.5%, fixed rates up to 30 years.  Loan to value up to approximately 65%. These […]

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Commercial Mortgage Broker excited about SOFR

Commercial Mortgage Broker excited about SOFR Commercial mortgage broker excited about SOFR:  LIBOR is a waning index, was replaced by SOFR.  Touted as a more perfect rate.  SOFR stands for secured overnight financing rate. Its the rate of overnight borrowing of cash in the repo market with US Treasuries as collateral. These days LIBOR has […]

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1 Magic Commercial Mortgage Broker

Photo by Pexels   Nimble Commercial Mortgage Broker I wanted to hop out of the trenches for a moment. Respect due. Today the commercial mortgage broker is king. I dont remember this kind of rate lock frenzy since the Russian Ruble crisis back in 1998. As UFC fighter Connor McGregor said. Precision beats power. Timing […]

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Commercial Real Estate Grocery Anchored Center Saved

Commercial Real Estate Loan for Grocery Anchored Acquisition Financial Compound arranges a Commercial Real Estate loan, a $10 million acquisition financing for a 70,000 square foot grocery store in northern Califonia.  The store is in a well located, urban in-fill environment. The property has more than 100 parking spaces.  The grocer is on a long […]

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Favorable Commercial Mortgage Rates

Elusive and Favorable Commercial Mortgage Rates Elusive Commercial mortgage rates are notoriously difficult to predict, as they are impacted by a wide range of factors including the state of the economy, property type, market conditions, creditworthiness of the borrrower, and length of the loan term .  Today, commercial mortgage rates are at historical lows for […]