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Commercial Mortgage Broker Enlightens 3 Month Term SOFR

So far with SOFR Commercial Mortgage Broker messages may not always be flowery.  But they’re always honest.  Now that the new SOFR index is settling in, I have to speak out about a capital markets injustice affecting the little guy.  The borrowers.  Our clients.  SOFR derivatives ain’t all they’re cracked up to be.  Let me […]

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Absolute Lowest Commercial Mortgage Rates

Crazy low commercial mortgage rates Currently your friendly neighborhood commercial mortgage broker has access to the rock bottom commercial mortgage rates for low leverage deals, both on the institutional and hard money side.  Its not often, well I guess its kinda often, but it feels different this time. 5.5% fixed rate for 5 to 10 […]

commercial mortgage

1 Heavenly Commercial Mortgage for Office Building

Commercial Mortgage Refinance of Office Building  Financial Compound arranged a  $7.2 million commercial mortgage refinance of a 4 story 30,000sf office building leased 100% to two tenants.  Despite the near term lease expirations, factors including a strong location, sponsorship, and 55% LTV allowed the lender to get comfortable with $2 million of cash-out proceeds.  Commercial […]

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1 Zany Commercial Loan Broker Excited

Commercial Loan Broker This commercial loan broker knows that bragging is not great, but F it. We’re excited. With volume in our industry way, way down. Like in talking to our lenders and commercial mortgage broker brethren transaction activity fell off the cliff in November probably dropped 75% to 90%.  Us too. Commercial Loan But […]

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Amazing Financing Terms

Commercial Real Estate Portfolio For this commercial real estate portfolio of apartment buildings, the staff at Financial Compound arranged a $9,240,000 of financing.  Loan proceeds were allocated to both acquisitions and refinancing of three apartment buildings in Southern California, totaling 185 units. These loans have a 10 year term and are interest-only. The total loan […]

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Construction Loan Takeout Cracks 1 out of the Park

Construction Loan Takeout $17,000,000 Construction Loan takeout for shadow anchored shopping center. This 60,000 square foot center sits across the street from a community college, offering pedestrian traffic to the center.  This loan refinanced a 100% of cost construction loan also obtained by Financial Compound.  The property was still in final construction at the time […]

commercial mortgage

4 Reasons not to Worry about your Commercial Mortgage

Commercial Mortgage Lenders still lending, don’t believe the hype Commercial mortgage news these days is depressing if you read the headlines.  Statements like “Banks have stopped making commercial mortgage loans”  or “Biggest US Banks scale back on Property Lending”.  As we know, the media likes to sensationalize.  Im sure there is some truth to this […]

commercial mortgage broker

Commercial Mortgage Broker Exceeds to New Heights

Commercial Mortgage Broker thinks out of the box Commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound structures an $8 million construction loan for a concrete tilt-up industrial building. The transaction was referred to Financial Compound by a closely held relationship bank, who is unable to fund construction loans at this time.  The borrower has completed all entitlements and […]

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Commercial Mortgage Bliss

  Commercial Mortgage for preschool $1 Million Commercial Mortgage for preschool refinance. Financial Compound secured a bank loan for this special use property. The borrower also appreciated that Financial Compound found a bank that does not required CPA reviewed financials since this religious affiliated preschool does not file tax returns. The loan was written as […]

Commercial Bridge Loan

Extraordinary Leverage for Commercial Bridge Loan

Commercial Bridge Loan for Apartments Commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound arranged a non-recourse commercial bridge loan of $12,750,000, representing 98% of purchase price for the acquisition of four apartment buildings.  This commercial bridge loan comprises four apartment properties located in transitional submarkets in Southern California included the rehab cost and interest reserve budget.  The financing […]