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Commercial Real Estate Amazing Financing Terms

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Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

For this commercial real estate portfolio of apartment buildings, the staff at Financial Compound arranged a $9,240,000 of financing.  Loan proceeds were allocated to both acquisitions and refinancing of three apartment buildings in Southern California, totaling 185 units. These loans have a 10 year term and are interest-only. The total loan to value was 65% with a 5.75% blended rate on the transactions. There was no lender fee and the closing costs were approximately $8,000 per property.

Financial Complexity

Growing commercial real estate news presents a number of unique challenges, especially when it comes to financing. Fortunately, there are commercial mortgage brokers like Financial Compound who are experienced in arranging financing for large scale commercial properties like apartment buildings. These loans were also secured at a total loan to value ratio of 65%, making them more accessible for investors looking to grow their commercial real property portfolio.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your commercial property, the team at Financial Compound has the experience and skills necessary to help you secure the right funding for your needs. Whether you’re looking to expand or optimize your commercial real estate investments, look no further than Financial Compound as your trusted commercial mortgage broker.

With our extensive knowledge and experience in commercial mortgage brokering, Financial Compound was able to secure a series of loans for both acquisitions and refinancing of our properties.  In addition, they were interest-only, helping to keep repayments manageable. The loans were secured at a 65% loan-to-value ratio with an attractive blended interest rate of just 5.75%. Furthermore, the closing costs on these transactions were low, at just $8,000 per property. Overall, Financial Compound provided us with the expert guidance and flexible financing that we needed to succeed in our commercial real estate ventures.

Commercial Mortgage Broker Expertise

We believe that our expertise in commercial mortgage brokering made us an ideal partner for this transaction, and we look forward to working with other commercial real estate clients in the future.

Throughout Financial Compound’s involvement in commercial mortgage brokerage, we have helped numerous clients access the funding they need to grow their businesses or acquire new real estate. Whether you are looking to finance a commercial construction project or purchase an existing building, we can guide you through every step of the process to ensure a successful transaction. So if you are looking for expert advice and guidance to help you secure commercial financing, look no further than Financial Compound!

Commercial Mortgage Experience Counts

When it comes to investing in commercial real estate, turn to at Financial Compound. With our expert staff and vast experience in the industry, we may be the obvious choice.  Our team is super efficient and highly communicative throughout the entire process, keeping you up-to-date on all the details every step of the way.  Our expertise and stellar customer service enables us to secure financing that is both affordable and well within budget. So if you’re looking for a commercial mortgage broker with a deep understanding of the market and unbeatable rates, look no further than Financial Compound.  You won’t be disappointed!


Commercial Real Estate

When you want to invest in commercial real estate, you can’t beat the team at Financial Compound. We are experts in apartment building financing, and arranged a series of loans totaling over $9 million for my apartment buildings in Southern California. These loans were not only affordable and easy to qualify for, but they also offered great terms, with a 10 year term and interest-only payments.  Another impressive aspect of this transaction was minimal closing costs, and no lender fee.

2 Responses
  1. Miles Shaw

    It feels like it is getting harder everyday to secure Commercial Funding, there was a time we were able to get as much money as we needed and the process was fast. Today, we have struggled to get funding, many brokers are no longer in business but in a way I feel things will get better. I believe this because only the best brokers seem to be in business so all the inexperienced people seem to be out of the business…. I hope this helps people like us get funding.

  2. Christian Erics

    My partner and I have been having a challenging time getting 2 existing strip mall projects in development additional funding so we have been using our personal funds to keep the project going as we have deadlines, but personally funding these 2 jobs is not sustainable. All we here is NO, we can’t do it, money is tight and other excuses. But, we were at a dinner with other developers and heard a conversation about 3 brokers that were getting deals like ours done. Financial Compound is one of them, so when I looked these guys up, I found their website and read all their blogs from the past year. Especially the recent blogs like this one and now we are feeling a bit better about our situation knowing these guys or 1 of the 3 can help us.

    Our initial call went well, they are currently reviewing the 2 loans we are looking to get done. But during the call we were told they have a few lenders that will definitely take a serious look at your needs and then they can more than likely put something together that we will work for us…

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