Selected Transactions Currently Available For Capital Providers
Updated: 2/16/2021

Property Type Financing Requests
Freestanding Retail $4.25 million, owner user business closure now renting the property, Santa Monica & Pasadena, 25% LTV.
Apartment Acquisition $3.25 million, Santa Monica, 65% LTC
Spec Single Family $5.8 million, 70% completed home in Los Angeles, 65% LTV
Preschool $6.25 million, refinance, Los Angeles, 48% LTV (Barbara)
Manufactured Home Community $25.5 million, construction, 700 slips, Texas, 41% LTV (Michael)
Single Family $21 million, refinance with $1mm cash out, Beverly Hills, CA, 55% LTV (Michael)
Single Family $12.6 million, acquisition and refinance cross collateralized, Laguna Beach and Beverly Hills, CA, 70% LTV (Michael)
Agricultural $29.5 million, owner user repositioning for decorative plant grower, 49% LTV real estate value giving $0 value to the business. (Barbara)
Multi Family $40.1 million, acquisition for value-add, 66% LTV (Thomas)

Capital providers can call 310-260-5900 x 5, or click to send a message to inquire about the above transactions and to find out our other offerings. For transactions where the request intrigues you and differs from your financing programs, let's see if Financial Compound can structure something that works for all parties. Content, services, goods, or advertisements are provided “as-is” and “as-available.” Some figures are approximate. .