Commercial real estate finance: Financial Fridays

Commercial real estate finance:  Financial Fridays October through December 2010 

Join us for commercial real estate Financial Fridays, our weekly underwriting training sessions.  We are opening up the laboratory to new prospective staffmembers and those curious to learn about what goes on under the hood of a financial instrument.  University of Financial Technologies takes place at noon on Fridays in our conference room in Santa Monica, CA, and includes lunch.  UFT is a participatory and experiential based learning environment.  We typically put an excel spreadsheet up on our flatscreen and wrestle with the underlying mathematical and analytical assumptions in an effort to perfect a modelling approach.  Some of our favorite financial templates have grown out of these UFT sessions.  Learn at your own risk as these sessions can get metaphysical and addictive.  How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go?  We can take you way, way down there.  RSVP to Robert Shallenberger at x103.

Commercial mortgage brokers Financial Compound can be a good asset in your corner for all of your real estate finance needs.  Currently we are active with permanent, bridge, construction, and land loans.  Capital providers include institutional and private lenders