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Financial Compound has arranged a $23 million unentitled land refinance for a 5,000 acre land assemblage in a southern California coastal plain.  The assemblage is to be developed into a  low density exclusive community with a few thousand acres of private preserve, signature golf course, club-house, spa and equestrian facility.  This refinance pays off the existing recourse debt, returns $5 million of costs to the borrower that has been spent on the site to-date, and funds all remaining entitlement costs necessary to obtain ‘paper-entitled lot’ status.

Land loans terms include a 12% interest rate, 5 year term, interest-only, non-recourse, no prepayment penalty.

Commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound was instrumental in helping the borrower find this capital provider, in a marketplace where un-entitled land financing is rare.  Financial Compound has closed more than 15,000 acres of un-entitled land financing with this particular capital provider.

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