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Commercial Mortgage for preschool

$1 Million Commercial Mortgage for preschool refinance. Financial Compound secured a bank loan for this special use property. The borrower also appreciated that Financial Compound found a bank that does not required CPA reviewed financials since this religious affiliated preschool does not file tax returns. The loan was written as a 10-year term loan with 25 years of amortization. The interest rate for the first 5-year is fixed at 4.875% and for the second 5-year, rate is reset based on Wall Street Journal Prime Plus 175 basis point with a floor of 5%. Lender fee for the transaction is 1 point, and prepayment penalty is 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0 thereafter.

Looking for a commercial mortgage can be a daunting task, especially for a special purpose property like a preschool. At Financial Compound, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect borrowers with lenders that are able to offer favorable terms and tailored loan solutions.  We are proud to have played an instrumental role in helping this important preschool secure funding so that it can continue its important mission in serving local communities.  With so many factors to consider, from interest rates and leverage to prepayment penalties and loan terms, it can be difficult to find a loan that truly meets your needs. That is where a commercial mortgage broker like Financial Compound comes in.


Commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound

When we at Financial Compound received a request for a refinance loan for a preschool, our team was excited at the prospect of working with this unique property. Given its religious affiliation, traditional commercial lenders were reluctant to work with the borrower.  However, thanks to our extensive network of commercial mortgage brokers and deep understanding of complex commercial lending scenarios, we were able to find the right lender that was willing to offer favorable terms.  Overall, this transaction was highly successful thanks to our deep expertise in commercial real estate finance and ability to secure favorable financing terms for our clients.

Throughout the entire process, our team worked closely with the borrower to ensure that they received the best possible deal for their needs. We are pleased that we were able to help them achieve their goals and would be happy to assist other commercial entities in need of similar financial solutions.  When looking for a commercial real estate loan, it is important to work with a trusted mortgage broker who has the experience and knowledge necessary to find the best financing options for your specific needs. At Financial Compound, we are dedicated to helping business owners and commercial property owners secure the funding they need to grow and thrive.

Overall, if you are looking for a commercial mortgage broker with extensive expertise and proven success, look no further than Financial Compound. With our team of experienced professionals, you can rest assured that your needs will be met and that we can secure the funding you need at competitive rates and terms. So contact us today and let us get started on your next successful funding project!

And thanks to our effective negotiation skills and careful attention to detail, we were able to get the best possible terms for our client. If you’re looking for reliable commercial mortgage broker services, look no further than Financial Compound. We’ll help you secure financing quickly and easily, no matter what your needs may be.

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When it comes to mortgage brokering, nobody does it better than Financial Compound.   Ultimately, Financial Compound was able to get the deal done while offering low rates and flexible repayment terms, making them the obvious choice for anyone looking for commercial loan. So don’t delay – call Financial Compound today and take your commercial business to new heights!


Blazing Hot Commercial Mortgage

From the head of school,  “What impressed me most about Financial Compound’s approach was how savvy they were when it came to dealing with a religious school. Unlike many lenders, who require CPA reviewed financials from religious institutions and other non-traditional businesses, this mortgage broker had no problem securing a bank loan for our preschool without such stringent requirements. And they found us the best commercial mortgage rates- a fixed rate for the first five years, followed by another fixed rate term. Plus, a flexible prepayment penalty allowing us to repay our loan as quickly or slowly as we see fit.

In the end, Financial Compound proved to be an invaluable resource for us duing our preschool refinance.  I can’t recommend them highly enough”

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  1. Jimmy Diaz

    Very interesting article, I am in lending myself and am always looking at what others are doing in this industry. They secured a solid loan, with a favorable rate as well, bravo. Loans like this are not a walk in the park, you need a talented and experienced team to pull loans like this off, glad it wprked out.

  2. Simone Caldwell

    This was refreshing to read, we are not in a similar vertical of business but reading about the success regarding them dealing with a Religious School’s funding is nice to hear. For my partner and I (we both read this), it shows us the this team at Financial Compound is willing to take on a tough deal and do whatever it takes to get the deal done. I feel these guys have the right contacts to help people like the School, and hopefully us. My partner said, we need a partner like them because our last 2 brokers did not have the endurance, resources or fight to make sure we got the funding we needed for our unique Mexican – Hawaiian Fusion themed Restaurant near Disneyland in Anaheim.

  3. Ike Pivchenko

    We are in the process of trying to refi one loan for a property we have that is used for a Daycare as well as obtain the best financing for a new pre-school project we are starting, this is a High End pre-school and we are already at 100% capacity with a waiting list. We own the property and the plans are approved already. Gonna see if you guys can help me.

  4. Roy Amos

    We have been having issues getting funding for pending Strip Mall Projects to the point we lost 3 deals over the last 6 months. Now we have an educational facility we need to get a loan for and we stumbled across this blog that has a section about a pre-school. Although we are not working on a pre-school, reading this confirms the fact that I know there is money out there, we just need a broker that can help.

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